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Customer Reviews of Aspen Heights Harrisonburg


“Love this place!!! I’ve got two kids living there and they’re so easy to work with!! It’s like a resort at a very affordable price.” Tracy, Parent


“I have lived in a 2 bedroom house here at Aspen Heights for about 8 months now, and love it! The staff is very welcoming and has a composure that is incomparable. My take on the entire development as a whole would be ” You get what you pay for.” Also, the amenities make the price so much more worth it! It may be a bit pricey in terms of rent but I have never experienced student housing like this before!” – Bailey, Resident


“I am very impressed with Aspen Heights. My son is a resident and he is so happy there. I love the gated entrance, the spacious homes, pool area, and the convenience to campus. The clubhouse is fantastic, and the staff there are super friendly and helpful. Great place to live!” – Julie, Parent